Delaware-Based LINNE Industries Issued Solar Powered Water Aeration System Patent

Patent covers the first fully integrated solar powered water aeration system used in golf course, homeowners association and agricultural ponds.

NEWARK, DE. – April 14, 2016 – LINNE Industries announced today that the US Patent Office has issued a patent to LINNE Industries for the first fully-integrated solar powered pond aeration system PondHawk®.

“PondHawk is a new solution that keeps ponds beautiful with none of the energy and maintenance costs of traditional fountains and aerators” said Sandra Burton, President and Co-Inventor, LINNE Industries. “PondHawk delivers algae and mosquito eliminating bubbles to any pond anywhere without the expense of power delivery costs, electricity, and peak demand charges. PondHawk’s unique stealth and quiet design will not obstruct the beauty of the property and its battery-free technology operates in variable weather conditions with very low maintenance costs.”

“We designed the PondHawk to be installed without the need for energy knowledge.” said Craig Burton, COO and Co-Inventor, LINNE Industries. “PondHawk arrives pre-assembled and has a simple 3-step field installation leaving the PondHawk installed and running in less than three hours.”

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