Thank you for your interest in PondHawk…The solar-powered aeration system.

Nearly all ponds need management to help keep the habitat, water quality and clarity in a healthy ­balance. Far too often though, water assets are neglected or treated with chemicals and dyes, which can easily damage the delicate pond ecosystem.

PondHawk is the patented solar-powered aeration ­system that works without batteries. It is designed for use 365 days a year and requires minimal maintenance.

And because PondHawk is not connected to the ­electric grid, its operating costs are very low. The ­innovative design installs quickly, doesn’t require a ­special license and can be situated away from the pond and easily secluded if necessary.

PondHawk is quiet, doesn’t require a lot of space and needs no batteries, making it the most ­ecologically-friendly solution on the market.

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