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A worry-free, low-maintenance, solar-powered aeration system that delivers a unique NEW solution to pond management
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Safe & Effective Solution

  • Encourages aerobic bacteria to decompose organic debris

  • Increases dissolved oxygen to improve water habitat for wildlife

  • Mitigates algae without the need for repeated chemical treatments

  • Maintains pond design capacity and defer future dredging costs

Flexible, Simple Installation

  • Modular system can be configured for most ponds and lagoons

  • Completely electric grid independent — install it confidently in remote ponds

  • Easily installed in as little as three hours

  • Factory pre-assembled utilizing plug-and-play technology

Highly Durable and Reliable

  • Integrated, tamper resistant enclosure and mounting system

  • Air line is enclosed and fully protected

  • Powder-coated steel construction with marine grade stainless steel hardware

  • Operates year-round, even in cloudy or freezing conditions

Inexpensive to Own & Operate

  • Solar Powered — no electric utility expense

  • Long-life compressor used in aquaculture and wastewater aeration

  • Reduces both the chemicals and labor required for effective algae mitigation

  • Solar direct application means no batteries to maintain or replace