LINNE Industries partners with Foster Lake and Pond Management

In March 2015, LINNE Industries partnered with Foster Lake & Pond Management to distribute PondHawk systems in the North Carolina market.  For over 25 years, Foster Lake & Pond Management, Inc. (FLPM) has been a full service aquatic management company committed to assisting property owners enjoy their lakes and ponds, and to insure that their stormwater BMPs meet all state and local regulatory requirements.

According to Foster Lake and Pond Management the PondHawk “is an outstanding option for North Carolina pond owners who know they need aeration but don’t have electric power available near the pond.”

FLPM installed a PondHawk® solar powered subsurface aeration system with a single diffuser system on the pond at their new Net Zero Energy facility in Garland, North Carolina.

 install_fosterlake02  install_fosterlake03