Join us at the 2018 Delaware Wetlands Conference!

2018 Delaware Wetlands Conference

January 31-February 1, 2018

Wetlands play a vital role in our everyday lives, protecting our communities from flooding and erosion as well as boosting our economy. For 17 years, the Delaware Wetlands Conference has united wetland experts and enthusiasts from the Mid-Atlantic region to share the latest in wetland research, outreach, and policy programs.

We’re honored to be a conference presenter. Come hear Sandra Burton speak about “The Present Value of the Future Cost of Dredging” in the Pusey & Jones Room on Wednesday, January 31, during the Flash Talks session.

Other conference topics include:  Coastal Preparedness and Risk Reduction • Wetland Restoration • Wetland Wildlife • Interactive Workshops • Education and Outreach • Modeling and Mapping • Wetland Monitoring and Assessments

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