LINNE Industries RECEIVES PATENT for solar-powered Water Aeration System

LINNE Industries, maker of the PondHawk® solar-powered pond aeration system, announced today that the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent for its protective screens.

The patented protective screens simultaneously cover the back of PondHawk’s solar panel, integrate it into the pump and controller enclosure, and protect the equipment from tampering. They also provide passive cooling to the solar panel.

“LINNE Industries was issued the original patent for the PondHawk structure in 2016 and today, with our continued commitment to delivering the most durable, reliable, and long-lasting solar water aeration system, our work has again been awarded patent protection,” said LINNE Industries President and Co-Inventor Sandra Burton.

The durable screens benefit PondHawk customers not only by preventing tampering but also by creating a protective barrier to the back of the solar panel. As a result, projectiles such as stones, golf balls, and grounds equipment cannot harm the panel.

“Maintaining the aesthetically neutral qualities of PondHawk is always top-of-mind at LINNE Industries,” Sandra Burton continued. “Our PondHawk customers are some of the finest golf courses, gardens, residential communities, and parks in North America, and they want their settings to be unblemished by equipment. We made the protective screens from the same powder-coated steel as the equipment enclosure to ensure virtually no change to the system’s aesthetic.”

Not all systems require the added protection, so LINNE is offering the new screens as an option for high-risk sites. The company continuously looks for ways to improve the reliability of its products while maintaining its cost sensitivity to budgets.