PondHawk® at the Hermitage Country Club

Manakin-Sabot, Virginia
The Hermitage Country Club is located in rural Goochland County near Richmond, Virginia. It has the pride and tradition that only a century old club can deliver, yet its progressive thinking and continuous desire for improvement makes it the ideal location for the PondHawk. The Hermitage Country Club was founded in 1900. It offers two championship courses and all the other amenities you would except from an exceptional southern club.

LINNE Industries installed the PondHawk in August 2014. The pond is approximately 0.85 acres (273′ x 137′), 5 feet deep, and adjacent to the #16 green on the Sabot golf course. The PondHawk is located in the rough at the northeast corner of the pond. It is about 10 feet from the pond edge, and has 2 diffusers located at 80 and 120 feet from the pond edge. The PondHawk is oriented due south.

The Hermitage Country Club is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.