What is diffused subsurface aeration?

Aerate means to expose a substance to air. For plant growth, this means to put cylindrical holes into the ground. For water, it means to expose the water to air so that oxygen can be dissolved into it. The most publicly recognizable aerators for water are fountains. They shoot water into the air so it can collect oxygen on its return path to the pond.

Subsurface aeration is like underwater fountains of bubbles. Air is fed to the water from the bottom of a pond through a diffuser and released back to the atmosphere when it reaches the surface of the water. The diffuser takes a stream of air and releases it into the water as tiny bubbles. From the perspective of the bubble, the smaller it is, the more oxygen gets transferred. So, diffused subsurface aeration is an underwater fountain of tiny bubbles.

How does subsurface aeration actually contribute to the health of a pond?

According to the Maryland Aquaculture Coordinating Council … “The use of aeration can significantly improve water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen concentrations, mixing waters and de-stratifying deep ponds.” Additional information can be found in their 2007 publication: Best Management Practices, A Manual for Maryland Aquaculture.

Will the PondHawk® (U.S. Pat. No. 9,290,398) control algae and duckweed?

In the personal pond of LINNE Industries owners, the PondHawk reduced algae, improved water quality and allowed for the natural re-introduction of fish, dragonflies, frogs, turtles and salamanders. As the pond grew increasing healthier, the natural balance of life returned.

According to the Montgomery Country Maryland, Department of Environmental Protection, bubble aeration may improve nutrient levels and therefore reduce duckweed blooms over time.

What size pond, lake or lagoon will the PondHawk service?

Each PondHawk is configured for ponds up to one and a half acres and depths to ten feet. The PondHawk comes in two sizes and can be supplied with two diffusers for better coverage depending on the size and shape of the pond. Since the PondHawk is modular, additional systems can be installed in the same body of water if the surface area of pond increases beyond one and a half acres in size.

How can I tell that the system is working?

When you look at the pond, there should be bubbles breaking the surface and ripples of water emanating from this center. Essentially, SUN = BUBBLES.

If there is sun on the solar panel but no bubbles on the pond surface, contact LINNE Industries at 888-755-1950 or contact us. You will also find a QR code on the back of the system that will take you to our website contact form.

If your PondHawk is under warranty, we will give you instructions on next steps to process the claim. If your PondHawk is beyond its warranty period, we can provide a quote for service, or LINNE Industries may be able to help you troubleshoot on the phone.

Will the PondHawk work in cloudy weather?

Yes. The PondHawk® is designed to work in very low levels of solar insolationthe total amount of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area during a given time.

Click the photo for a larger view and you’ll see the PondHawk working under heavy cloud cover. The bubbles are smaller and fewer, but it is still bubbling!

With PondHawk, Mother Nature works her magic and aerates your pond — even during windy and rainy conditions.

How long will the PondHawk last?

  • The solar panel is warranted by the manufacturer for 25-years, and will deliver sufficient power to run the air pump over that entire time.
  • The air pump carries a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, and will require a change in diaphragms (a simple kit) after three years.
  • The diffuser platform is stainless steel and supports an industrial grade micro-bubble diffuser.

Conservatively, the system will run for more than twenty years with just occasional maintenance.

What maintenance is required?

PondHawk is an electro-mechanical system. It requires only minimal maintenance, but should be inspected periodically.

  • If there is debris on the glass of the solar panel, cleaning will help insure proper output.
  • If it is sunny but there are no air bubbles, check the hose connection to the pump.
  • After three years of operation, replace the diaphragms using a kit that can be ordered from LINNE Industries.
  • LINNE Industries offers a range of service options that can meet your post-warranty needs.

Does the PondHawk® come with a warranty?

Yes, LINNE Industries provides a 3-year limited warranty on PondHawk.

Does LINNE Industries offer financing?

Yes, LINNE Industries can offer several payment options to accommodate your budget.

Is the PondHawk eligible for the 30% federal solar investment tax credit?

We are not tax experts, and strongly recommend that you consult your tax advisor to determine how the tax credit may apply to your purchase.

Is the PondHawk® in stock?

Yes, LINNE Industries has the PondHawk in stock. We can usually schedule installation within one week, depending on your schedule.

How long will it take to install?

Once the hole and trench are prepared, installation of the PondHawk takes less than 3 hours to complete.

How soon can I have one installed?

LINNE Industries has inventory in stock and can normally schedule your installation within a week.

Why does PondHawk have a dragonfly in the logo?

To Native Americans Indians, the Dragonfly symbol signifies happiness, speed and purity. The dragonfly also represents transformation and life’s ever constant process of change. For the Navajo tribe, the dragonfly is the symbol for pure water. A pond hawk is a Mid-Atlantic dragon fly. Read more.