Intelligently Designed

The patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,290,398) PondHawk design integrates the enclosure and mounting system, making it easy to install. The tamper-resistant steel construction protects the wires and tubing. The inconspicuous and self-contained system can be installed even where grid power is not available.


The PondHawk is constructed of powder-coated steel and utilizes marine grade tamper resistant hardware. Featuring an industrial grade subsurface diffuser on a stainless steel platform, the PondHawk reliably delivers bubbles year-round.


The PondHawk components are plug & play to eliminate field installation errors. All components of the PondHawk are off the ground and do not interfere with grounds management. The solar direct method works in cloudy and freezing conditions without the need for batteries.


The PondHawk is factory assembled, arrives complete and can be quickly installed. The PondHawk performance will reduce or eliminate your algae mitigation costs which defers future dredging expense to restore capacity. The solar-powered PondHawk is grid independent, incurs no electric bill and is easy to maintain.

Environmentally Sound

Subsurface aeration is widely understood to improve water quality, reduce odors, and encourage decomposition of organic matter with aerobic bacteria. Proper subsurface aeration creates a sustainable ecology for pond life and addresses the underlying causes of eutrophicationThe process by which a body of water acquires a high concentration of nutrients, especially phosphates and nitrates which can promote excessive growth of algae..


The PondHawk is a complete system that can be scaled for most ponds and lagoons. One PondHawk system can operate multiple diffusers, and when combined can aerate most sized ponds and lagoons, regardless of their shape.