• The top of PondHawk® (U.S. Pat. No. 9,290,398) is 6’6” from ground level but can be lower if needed.

  • The solar panel dimension may vary, but in most installations it will be a plane angled at 30° with a width of 39” and a length of 64”.

  • The system includes the mounting structure and enclosure, solar panel, air compressor, weighted airline, tubing, diffuser and platform. For PondHawk systems installed by LINNE Industries, it also includes the Quikrete.

  • The mast foundation is subject to soil type and varies, but in many installations up to five 50lb bags of Quikrete are used.

  • The overall weight of the PondHawk, excluding the mast and foundation is 106 pounds.

The PondHawk® performance curveThe slope of the full sun performance curve varies with latitude, adjusting naturally to the annual needs of northern and southern climates. naturally aligns with the seasonal requirements of the pond.

As water temperatures warm from winter to summer, the demand for greater circulation and oxygen in the water increases. Using the sun’s fuel, air output from the PondHawk also increases as the days grow longer, aligning with the increased seasonal needs.

As the seasons shift back from summer into fall and winter, the PondHawk performance naturally reduces and adjusts to the lower seasonal circulation and oxygen needs of the pond.

seasonal solar effectiveness chart

Using the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) solar radiation conditions for your locationThe NREL database uses the 30-year average of monthly weather conditions for locations in each of the 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico., we forecast the PondHawk® production profile at each proposed site. The assessment will evaluate location options in order to maximize the PondHawk performance.

In the assessment chart above, the PondHawk® has unencumbered access to the clear sky. During summer months when pond temperatures are highest and the need for circulation greatest, the volume of air generated by the PondHawk will increase, since longer days yield more daylight hours.

Although the PondHawk works year-round, the increased summer season performance will reduce or eliminate your algae mitigation costs, helps maintain pond capacity and defers the expense of future dredging. The solar powered PondHawk is grid independent, incurs no electric bill and is easy to maintain.

It is important to select a site that will provide enough access to the sun to meet the needs of the pond. In this example we illustrate the annual yield of three different locations.

The three dots indicate three potential PondHawk® (U.S. Pat. No. 9,290,398) locations. The performance curves show the impact of trees on the monthly volume in cubic feet of air that the PondHawk will deliver at each potential location. The yellow dot location corresponds to the yellow performance curve in the graph, the green dot with the green line and the blue dot with the blue line.

As you can see, simply locating the PondHawk away from the trees (blue dot and line) increases the April through May performance dramatically.

solar site survey results

An on-site pond assessment will:

  • Confirm available solar resource at pond site

  • Analyze site installation options to eliminate impact on play

  • Determine optimal PondHawk location to maximize output & minimize cost

  • Forecast annual PondHawk output at optimal location

Install a PondHawk anywhere the sun shines using the SunSeeker app.  The SunSeeker site assessment tool is widely used by golf course superintendents for tree management.

In the screen shot below, you can see the PondHawk location marked by the red pin. This location is almost completely shade free. However, there is a potential for shading at 12pm if the trees at the lower edge of the pond are very tall.

SunSeeker Assessment map

The Sunseeker was originally designed for companies who install solar panels. It is used to determine the best location for maximum sun exposure. Indoors the Sunseeker app can show aerial shade coverage on any given day or time. Outdoors, you can use the 3D feature and your device’s camera to get a real time look at the sun’s path.

SunSeeker logo.The Sunseeker app is available for all devices for $6.99.