Shaun Donahue and PondHawk featured in Golfdom product showcase

From easy installation to efficient aeration, Shaun Donahue, a LINNE Industries Senior Advisor and superintendent at Tidewater Golf Club, walks golf course superintendents and managers through PondHawk®’s capabilities.

Read on to learn how PondHawk® can provide meaningful results in this Q&A, also featured in the January 2022 issue of Golfdom magazine.

PondHawk systems on display at Tidewater Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach, where Shaun Donahue serves as superintendent.

How do your products or services save golf course superintendents time?
PondHawk® saves time by being easy and quick to install. There are no power wires to trench and no breaker boxes to configure. Once the units are operational, there is almost no maintenance required. Installation takes a few hours and can be completed in-house without the need for contractors or permitting.

How do your products or services save golf course superintendents labor?
Depending on the severity of your pond condition, after the PondHawk® units are installed, the need for labor resources to remove unsightly algae blooms will be drastically reduced and ultimately eliminated. Anyone who has ever been assigned the job to skim algae scum from the edges of ponds wishes they were doing something different.

How do your products or services save golf courses materials or fuel?
Materials and fuel resources are saved because the self-contained units are solar powered. There is no need to purchase power wires, transformers and breaker boxes or to bring power to the pond. If you treat your aquatic resources in-house, the need for those products should be eliminated as well.